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Many of Tim Lambesis' metal peers are still trying to comprehend the As I Lay Dying frontman's guilty plea in his murder-for-hire case. 

Doc Coyle -- the former God Forbid frontman who has known Lambesis for nearly a decade -- tells "Rolling Stone" be definitely believes in second chances, but he says he honestly doesn't know how he's going to move forward. 

Coyle says Lambesis' arrest for trying to hire someone to kill his estranged wife seems "almost antithetical" to his perception of the rocker when the two bands first toured together years ago.  He adds that it's a "lose-lose" situation for everyone, and he hopes Lambesis' wife will eventually be able to move forward and that Lambesis himself will find a way to "get back on the right track." 

Lambesis faces a maximum sentence of nine years in prison and a fine of ten-thousand dollars.  He's scheduled to be sentenced in May.

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