Rock Hall Of Fame Apologizes For Blasting Music Overnight



The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is apologizing to its neighbors in Cleveland after an apparent malfunction lead to its exterior loudspeakers blasting a 10-song playlist in Tuesday morning's wee hours.

The "rock boxes," which are placed throughout the city, are supposed to only play music during the day. But a malfunction caused the speakers to blast the same 10 songs on a continuous loop for several hours, between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m., reports

The playlist reportedly included tracks by KISS and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Locals were not entertained and guests at at least one local hotel called police to complain about the noise.

"We've identified and fixed the issue and the boxes are back to operating strictly during the day," the Hall of Fame said in an official statement. "Our apologies for any inconvenience."

Video uploaded to Twitter Tuesday by local journalist Mike Vielhaber depicts how inescapable the music was while it was playing.

According to the Hall of Fame, the playlist was stuck on repeat and played at "standard volume" during the night.

The Rock Box project was established in 2016 in collaboration between the Hall of Fame, local nonprofit Destination Cleveland and artist Mark Reigelman. The speakers play music by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees at the top of each hour.

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