Eddie Vedder + Chris Cornell's Daughter Lily Talk Mental Health On IGTV

Lily Cornell Silver, daughter of late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell, hosts an interview show on IGTV. Mind Wide Open is focused on open, honest conversations about the struggles people face, and reducing the stigma surrounding mental health. Her guest on the episode that just dropped is Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder.

According to a write-up in Variety, Lily has known Vedder most of her life. Pearl Jam and Soundgarden were two of the bands that defined the Seattle scene and the grunge sound in the early '90s. The two bands were friendly and shared various connections, including members from both groups forming the supergroup Temple of the Dog in tribute to their late friend Andrew Wood. Another notable connection, Lily's mother Susan Silver, at one point, managed Soundgarden and co-managed Pearl Jam. So they definitely go way back.

Lily Cornell Silver describes Vedder as a guiding light in her life. The two talk activism, empathy, and the impacts of societal and political issues on mental health.

Photo: Getty Images

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