H.S. Yearbooks Printed With Inappropriate “Most Likely To” Labels

Getting a yearbook is something a lot of teens look forward to at the end of the school year, but some students at one California high school weren’t too happy with what was inside. Ventura High School is now going to reprint and redistribute their yearbooks after the original ones were printed with several inappropriate superlatives, including “Most Likely to Get Canceled.”

Senior Morgan Jensen got her yearbook last week and was surprised to see she was named “Best Dancer” and “Most Likely to be a TV Star.” But here’s the thing, she’s not a dancer. She posted about it on Snapchat and someone responded that the superlatives were just stickers and could be peeled off, but when she did, what was underneath was even worse. The sticker was covering the categories she and several other students had won: “Most Likely to Get COVID Twice” and “Most Likely to Be Canceled.”

Morgan was shocked and upset, especially since she’s been bullied before, and her mother, Stephanie Tindall, reached out to Ventura High principal Carlos Cohen. He explained that those superlatives were somehow missed before the yearbooks were printed and were only noticed when they arrived. School officials tried to use the stickers to cover the offensive categories, but now they’re asking students to return their yearbooks and will be printing new ones to issue instead.

  • Cohen has apologized to all affected students and families and Ventura Unified School District says it will be doing training for principals and staff and advisors that oversee the yearbook and journalism groups so nothing like this happens in the future.