The Big Story - How Often We Think & Talk About Sex

Judging by how much sex we see in advertising, television, movies, and online, it’s clear that we’re a society that enjoys some sex. How much do we think about it, though? A study out of Ohio State University asked 283 students, men and women, to click a clicker to register precisely how many times they thought about “sex, food, and sleep.” What they discovered is that men think about bumping uglies an average 19 times each day, whereas women think about it an average of 10 times.

From there, a different survey from One Poll and Pure Romances wanted to look at the conversational angle. The survey of 2,000 adults wanted to find out the details on how much we talk about our sex lives. Those results were even more revealing…

  • Among the respondents, 65% said they “felt very comfortable sharing their sex lives with others.”
  • In order, the folks we’d chat about it with were our significant others (61%), best friend (60%), friends (40%), co-workers (28%), roommates (26%), dad (20%) and mother (17%).
  • Boasting about a quality experience was also a thing, with the average number of folks details were shared with hanging at around four people.

So, with that last point in mind, it’s worth pointing out that your next hookup likely won’t be a private affair…and at least eight other people between you and your partner will be privy to the juicy details.