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Two Death Row Inmates Demanding Firing Squad Instead Of Lethal Injection

Two Death Row inmates are demanding to be executed by firing squad rather than via lethal injections.

Prisoners Donald Grant and Gilbert Postelle in Oklahoma have spent the last 11 and 17 years respectively behind bars waiting to be executed.

However, their lawyers have put forward a case against the prison and have argued that the current method of lethal infection carries a 'substantial risk of severe pain and suffering'.

Attorney Jim Stronski told a judge in a meeting on Monday (10 January) that a bullet fired into the heart of an inmate, although not nice to watch, would be a lot more pain free and quicker.

Grant admitted to his double murder crimes in 2001 and his legal team claims that he shouldn't be executed because he is severely mentally ill.

In 2005, Postelle murdered four people, who he claimed injured his father in a motorbike incident.

He denies any memory of the incident and says he had a meth addiction from a very young age.

The Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board denied clemency for Grant and Postelle in late 2021.

Oklahoma is set to decide if further use of lethal injection on death row is constitutional in a trial next month, but both men are scheduled to be executed before it begins.

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