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The 11 NBA Teams Who Have Never Won a Championship

The NBA Finals are finally set to begin after a thrilling postseason so far.

And although the two teams in the 2022 edition — the Boston Celtics and Golden State Warriors — there are other franchises who have never won a ring at all. I apologize in advance for NBA fans of those teams for having to be reminded about it!

So let’s take a look at the 11 active teams (NOTE: You won’t see the Oklahoma City Thunder, because the Seattle Super Sonics won in 1979) who have never won a ring and, where applicable, I’ll list the last time they appeared in an NBA Finals.

 1. Utah Jazz (last appeared in 1998)

 2. Phoenix Suns (last appeared in 2021)

 3. Brooklyn Nets (last appeared as New Jersey Nets in 2003)

 4. Orlando Magic (last appeared in 2009)

 5. Indiana Pacers (last appeared in 2000)

 6. Charlotte Hornets (never appeared in Finals)

 7. Denver Nuggets (appearing in 2023)

 8. Los Angeles Clippers (never appeared in Finals)

 9. Memphis Grizzlies (never appeared in Finals)

 10. Minnesota Timberwolves (never appeared in Finals)

 11. New Orleans Pelicans (never appeared in Finals)


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