DOMKcast with Howard Jones of Light The Torch

What are your triggers that provoke anxious feelings? Are you doing what you can bipass those things? These are just a few questions that Howard Jones asked himself. This prompted him to leave Killswitch Engage and unplug from the world for awhile. He went on a search to find the root of his anxiety. Getting rid of his cell phone and doing a healthy amount of hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities that required isolation. Soul searching was priority #1 and he went off the grid for almost3 years before re-emerging with the band Devil You Know now known as Light The Torch. You can see them at Rocklahoma this year. Howard is an intriguing story of emotional triumph. Determined to stay at a good place in his life, he opts not to engage in any form of social media. He just doesn't find a need for it in his life and would rather focus on other things. Hear about the new album "Revival", and touring with Sevendust and In This Moment. Howard is an avid fisherman. Would he try noodling when he makes his way down to Oklahoma in May? He answers that question among others on episode 90 of the DOMKcast. #DOMKRocks

Hear their new song "Safety Of Disbelief"

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