Man 'passed away peacefully' after being falsely told Trump had been impeached

Man kept stolen brain beneath porch, used it to get high, police say

70-year-old man gets a 30-year-old Nevada sex worker pregnant. She plans to continue working at the brothel throughout her pregnancy.

Grandmother who dressed as a witch and terrorized her granddaughter gets three life sentences

Woman Tries to Revive Pigeon with CPR

Pat The Wombat Dies A 32 Year Old Virgin

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Japan Is Facing Massive Potato Chip Shortage

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Man casually relaxes in drone suspended hammock in the air

Man in hospital after car accident faces second wreck when girlfriend and mistress both show up at hospital

Dad caught running red light, tells cop I had to get chicken for my kids

Woman sets world record as she has the worlds longest gallbladder removed, 5x the normal

Cow has to be saved from drowning in familys swimming pool 

Patrick, the beloved 32-year-old virgin wombat has died

Simpsons super fan gets arm tattoo with 52 homers

Thai man arrested for smuggling semen

To avoid trip with GF, man sends hijacking threat to airport

Oregon man sets stranger on fire at Denny's

Mr. Fish Finger is running for election

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Man named Newman busted in Operation Vandelay Industries architecture scheme