This is Jennifer Morton, 34, she lives in Alabama.  She got arrested for making out with a student in a locked classroom.  she was on her third week of filling in for a teacher who was out on maternity leave.  

This is LaTengela Williams, 36,  she is facing three felony charges.  She was arrested at school.  According to the DA, she will be facing charges “for alleged inappropriate criminal behavior with more than one student,”.  In English...she was caught having sex with 2 students.

THIS is... Heidi Kaeslin, 37.  This story is over a year old, but she started uploading pictures to a pornographic website using a school laptop.  This Special Ed teacher worked with her partner, a retired cop, to put up the pictures.  everything has been taken down and the site redirects to another porn site now.  but she is out of a job.