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Dude fights of gunman with CAR WASH HOSE!! Hahaha!

This is too cool. Gotta tell ya I think I would have done what the punks told me to do but I love this guy for sticking to his "water" guns! Lol
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NEW video from #BlackStoneCherry "In Our Dreams" & "Soul Machine"

#RockTheBOK   July 27th with #Halestorm and #Shinedown New CD: KENTUCKY
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#PokemonGo in the Safari

PokemonGO Sahara
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Damn the luck!!

Wow, this is insane. I say, no thanks. I'd rather be the one with the camera way back from the edge of the boat. That's too close to the sharks. I've seen #Jaws. I don't mess with them. ...
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WARNING! GRAPHIC VIDEO!! Tiger mauls woman
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NEW #koRn video "Rotting In Vain" THIS IS CREEPY!

New koRn release Serenity of Suffering out Oct 22nd. At #ROCKTHEBOK with #BreakingBenjamin October 16th
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Whew..... saved in the nick of time! #LobsterLivesMatter (esp w/butter)
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Michelle Obama clearly plagiarized all these!!!

Here you go #DonaldTrump I found video of #MichelleObama totally plagiarizing all these songs! Don't worry #MelaniaTrump #FLOTUS will be exposed for her secrets!!
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You Go Girl! 90 year old water skiing #LakeTenkiller

90 year old water skiing
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#PokemonGO player slams into #Baltimore cop! #GAWDIDIOT

PokemonGO image
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