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Lynn Hernandez


#Metallica!!! New album Nov 18th Hardwired to Self Destruct

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#Volbeat on-stage announcement 8.15.16 #BradyTheater  
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PokemonGo guy has over 1 million views. Are you playing?

I haven't started playing this game and may not. It already seems to have lost it's "cool". Have you started? Is there another game you think is going to take it's spotlight away?...
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Woman goes crazy in Drive Thru window!

Have you ever seen anything like this?
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AWESOME!! International trailer for #RogueOne #StarWars
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sexy woman soccer balls at butts
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Going on a last minute summer vacation soon? Happy flying. :-)

plane crashes
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#GeminiSyndrome video is kind of creepy but song rocks I think, you?
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Beer #Olympics Fails

Now this is my kind of Olympics!! Lol!! If you did this would you get the GOLD BRONZE or PLASTIC?
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Scary and crazy video's on the internet

Some of these look obviously fake but still creeeeeepy!!
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