(Andrey Burmakin/shutterstock)

I can only imagine the parade of lunatics you get to deal with when you run a hotel.  Here's at least a little insight.  A new survey asked hotel managers to name the strangest request they've heard this year.  Here are the top eight . . .


8.  Do you offer a sleep sitting service?  I need someone to watch over me because I tend to sleepwalk. 

7.  Can I borrow your ring?  It's my wedding tomorrow and the best man lost ours. 

6.  Which subway line do I take to the Eiffel Tower?  The hotel was in England. 

5.  Does your pet policy include llamas? 

4.  Can you do my son's math homework? 

3.  Can you stop the snow so I can get to the hotel? 

2.  Can you fill the bathtub with milk? 

1.  Can you transfer my room outside so my wife and I can have a night under the stars? 


(Daily Mirror)