Hurricane Michael - How You Can Help

Hurricane Michael is the most destructive hurricane to hit the Florida panhandle in a century. Evacuations are being ordered across the coastline and millions of people are evacuating in preparation of this storm's arrival. 

As Hurricane Michael approaches FL, we will continue to provide updates on its strength and progress here.


As Florida and parts of Georgia and Alabama prepare for Hurricane Michael to make landfall,  a lot of people are wondering how they can help our neighbors in the southeast. 

Until the hurricane has passed, there will be no way to know exactly how to respond or what will be needed. However the American Red Cross has already set up a donation page that is available if you would like to help out financially. You can CLICK HERE to donate now!

Also, beware of GoFundMe accounts or other site claiming to be collecting funds for hurricane relief. Only donate to a trusted agency such as the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, or other well known charitable organization, to ensure that your contribution goes to those who need it.


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