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What Is Found In Unclaimed Baggage From Travel?

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It's happened to a lot of us. Our luggage gets lost some

The Top 5 Most Frequently Found Items

  1. Undies - They swear they only sell the brand new ones
  2. Shoes - Most commonly sneakers
  3. Tablets and e-readers - They found a lot less laptops and many more tablets last year
  4. T-shirts - Especially vintage ones
  5. Books - Travelers read a lot of James Patterson and Colleen Hoover books

The Top 10 Most Expensive Things Found In 2023

  • Jewelry - A gold and diamond ring appraised at more than $37-thousand
  • Purses - A Birkin bag appraised at $23,500
  • Watch - A Cartier Panthere watch appraised at $26,500
  • Shoes - Louis Vuitton Nike Air Force 1 Mid valued at $12-thousand
  • Formal wear - Givenchy silk blend gown valued at $9,990
  • Ladies’ designer garment - Chanel black solid tweed blazer valued at $5,450
  • Men’s designer garment - Kiton sport coat valued at $10-thousand
  • Camera - FLIR T530 professional thermal camera valued at $12,119
  • Audio item - Shure H50 Quad-channel digital wireless receiver valued at $6,453
  • Musical instrument - Gibson Hummingbird Acoustic-Electric guitar valued at $4-thousand

The Top 10 Most Fascinating Finds of 2023

  1. Two live snakes
  2. A voodoo box with the person who opened the bag’s name on the bottom
  3. Two Hermes Birkin bags (only three have been found in Unclaimed Baggage’s 54-year history)
  4. A 49-key Keytar synthesizer
  5. A 13.3-foot women’s vaulting pole
  6. A suitcase full of wigs … only wigs
  7. 19 Rolex watches
  8. A handmade medieval armor battle vest
  9. A funeral casket key
  10. A mounted ram head

So next time you get ready for a quick trip or a big vacation, keep in mind what you can lose if they lose your luggage.

Source: Unclaimed Baggage

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