JetBlue #1 Airline This Year & TODAY the BEST day to Buy Holiday Tickets

This Week Is When You’ll Find The Cheapest Airline Tickets- If you’re looking to fly for the holidays, this week is the time to buy your tickets.

Thanks to businesses having people work remote, there aren’t many people flying to meetings. That’s why there’s been a big dip in airline prices. As we get closer to the holidays, the fares will climb, so now is historically the best time to grab your tickets. Literally, it is this week. After that prices start to shoot up.

If you have to wait, make it no less than three weeks before Thanksgiving and four week before Christmas and Hanukkah. Even then, you’ll be paying a lot.

GET TO BUY'IN that TICKET! Can't believe that the holidays are already almost here!

73 Days Till Thanksgiving!

103 Days Til Christmas!

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