Lawsuit Alleges Injury From Fake Breast

The incident originally happened back in 2015. Neldin MOlina was at Hamburger Mary's enjoying lunch with some friends when the alleged assault occurred. She says that she wasn't aware of a drag show that was happening while she was eating. In her lawsuit, she says that she watched for a bit, then turned her  back to the stage and went back tot enjoying her meal. That's when the performer Amanda D'Hod pinted at the woman, and began walking her way. Mrs. Molina says she turned her back to the dancer to signal that she didn't want to be part of the show. It was at that point, the woman says the performer grabbed her head and "wiggled her breast against her face about eight times." She says the performer then, "violently pounded" the woman's face against her fake breasts "up to nine times." Mrs. Molina says she immediately felt a headache and neck pain, and visited the emergency room for "excruciating cervical pain and uncontrollable headaches."

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