The Big Mad Morning Show

The Big Mad Morning Show

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BMMS 4-19-24

BMMS 4-18-24

HAPPY FRIGGIN' "A" FRIDAY EVE!!!! When Animal Control Gets Cahed By A Crackhead With A Pick Axe, You Can't Use A Snake To Rob A Store, You Can't Call the Cops Because Your Meth Is Bad, We Learn How To Make $250k, Conspiracy Theory Thursday, Top List, & What Was The Queston Again?!?!?!?

BMMS 4-16-24

Welcome To Tuesday!!!! What Is Stand Your Ground, No Need To Go So Fast, Pelted WIth Pizza, Celebs Are Scummy, Listenr E-Mails, To Tell The Truth, & Gimpy The Lizard Sniffer!!!

BMMS 4-15-24

Welcome Back From The Weekend!!!! We Talk About The Best & Worst Parts, Gimpy KNows Mmore About Lambchop Than  He Should, Don't NBe Biting Fingers Off Of Bitches At The Gym, What Is A "Luxury" Vibrator, We Talk To An Awesome Listener, Jeff Hensley Stops By, & Don't Kick Rocks!!!

BMMS 4-12-24

HAPPY FRIGGIN "A" FRIDAY!!!! Replacing The Front Man Of A Band Isn't The Same As The Original, You Can't Let Your Dog Crap In The Aisle Of A Plane, Watch Out...Hand Sanitizer Can Cause Blindness, You Have To Pay Child Support...You Can't Fake Your Death To Get Out Of It, We Gave You Beer For Your Poor Decisions, Tazer Time Trivia, Willy Nilly, & OJ Stuff You Didn't Know!!!!

BMMS 4-11-24

Happy Friggin' "A" Friday Eve!!!! Morgan Wallen Has A Ph.D. In Partying, Sex With A Toyota, Don't Take The Streetlights, Movies Made By The Military, Conspiracy Theory Thursday, Top List, Don't Jump Off The Ship, & A Surprise Death!!!

BMMS 4-10-24

HUMP DAAAAYYY!!!! Why Would A Teacher Show A Student Naked Pics Of Their Girlfriend, Daring Doordash Driver, You Can't Sit Drunk And Naked In A Trashcan, Gross Things Your Spouse Does, FIB News, Krispy Kreme Has A New Doughnut, & Don't Be Playing Video Games While Your Tesla Drives You Around!!!!

BMMS 4-9-24

HAPPY TUESDAY!!!! We Survived The Eclipse, Illegal Butt Implants, Don't Drink From The Fountains In Japan, Shot Over Guac, We Learn What A Paypig Is, & Listener E-Mails...That Is All. 

BMMS 4-8-24

Welcome Back From The Weekend!!! We Talk About The Best & Worst Parts, There's A Woman That Makes Some Bizarre Jewelry, Not All Cops Are Good, NO DUMPING, Jeff Hensley Stops By, And What To Do If YOu're In WalMart And  A Tornado Hits!!!

BMMS 4-5-24

HAPPY FRIGGIN' "A" FRIDAY!!! We Gave You Beer For Your Favorite Ballpark Food, Chick-Fil-A Makes A Butt Load Of Money, We Talk About The Weird Things About Gimpy, Pumping Hot Air INto Your Ass, A Woman Swallowed A Nail, Tazer Time Trivia, Willy Nilly, & There's Rings Around Uranus?!?!?!?