The Big Mad Morning Show

The Big Mad Morning Show

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BMMS 9-27-23

BMMS 9-26-23

Welcoome To Tuesday!!! Is Marrying Someone Half Your Age A Bad Thing, If You're Gonna Rob A Boat...Go Poop First, It Wasn't Me...It Was The WIfe, Missing Children, Listener E-Mails, To Tell The Truth, & Don't Kill Mamma!!!!

The Morning Dump 9-26-23


BMMS 9-25-23

Welcome BackFrom The Weekend!!! Lindsey is Back, Leave Your Meth At Home, Watch Out For The Fish, Jeff Hensley Stops By, We Spoke To An Awesome Listener, Getting Eaten By An Aligator, & Don't Be Drinking And Driving!!!!

BMMS 9-22-23

HAPPY FRIGGIN' "A" FRIDAY!!!!! Corbin Secretly Fat Shamed A Lady At The Store, Don't Give Robots Guns, We Gave You Beer For Being Annoyed, We Learn All About Penile Implants, Mental Illnesses, Willy Nilly, & There's A Ton Of Discontinued Barbies!!!!

BMMS 9-21-23

HAPPY FRIGGIN' "A" FRIDAY EVE!!!! They Interviewed A Local Where The F-35B Wreckage Was Found, Attacking With Bats n Brooms, Jailhouse Justice For Serial Killer, Don't Go After Your Phone In An Outhouse, Gimpy May Be On HBO Max, Top List,Conspiracy Theory Thursday, & An Out Of State Killer Was Found Here In Oklahoma!!!!

BMMS 9-20-23

HUMP DAAAAYYYYY!!!! Daycares Are The Worst, Bills Fan Found Covered In Poop, Setting Your Exgirlfriend's Car On Fire Is One Thing But What If That Ex Is Also Your Cousin, Cruise Ship Rules, It's Not Gay, Top 5 Songs, & 1,00 People That Want To Be Dogs Converge On Germany?!?!?!?

BMMS 9-19-23

Welcome To Tuesday!!!! Pubs In The UK Are Gonna Start Doing Surge Pricing, Why Shoot Your Own Dog, Adults Beating Up Kids, 2 Girls 1 Baby, Take Your Snake Surfing, Listenr E-Mails, Tulsa Has Another Sister City, To tell The Truth, And There's Only One Salad Dressing!!!!!

The Morning Dump 9-22-23


BMMS 9-18-23

Welcome Back From The Weekend!! We Talk About The Best And Worst Parts, Shifting Borders, Crazy Ex's That Wanna Stab You, Why Is There A Christmas Tree Up Withh Already, Gimpy Was In An Accident Over The Weekend, Things They SHOULD Teach in School But Don't, Jeff Hensley Stops BY, & Sexy Farts?!?!?!?