Science Teacher Feeds Puppy To Turtle In Class

This is Robert Crossland, an science teacher at Preston Junior High in Idaho. He's currently under investigation for simply teaching the circle of life. What Mr. Crossland did here was simply take a deformed puppy that was about to die anyway, and feed it to an alligator snapping turtle, to demonstrate the life cycle. An animal rights activist names Jill Parish got word of the experiment, and considers it "sick and disgusting." She says that allowing the children to watch an innocent baby puppy scream because it's being fed to an animal, is violence, and is not okay. Some of the parents disagree, and say that the puppy was deformed and going to die soon, and that Mr. Crossland is very much the circle of life. Others go on to describe him as "the best science teacher", while others say that he's really cool, and brings science to life. Read The Full Story Here

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