Jesus Returns After 90 Years

After missing for 90 years......Jesus returns to New Jersey. A church in Hoboken recently received a mysterious unmarked package on it's step. That package looked very suspicious and didn't have any return address, so naturally, the called the police. The police sent out the bomb squad  to take heat measurements to see if there were any explosives inside. Once they discovered there wan't, they opened the box up to see what it was that caused such a commotion. Inside they found this statue of baby Jesus, and a note. The note stated that this person's mother stole the statue from the churches nativity scene back in the 30's. It goes on to explain that the gran-dad took it and held on to it, and gave it back to the woman after she had married. The woman who stole the statue originally, then held on to it until she recently passed, in which this person now has it. They felt it was only proper to return the stolen statue. Read The Full Story Here

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