She's Missing in St. Thomas, Has Vanished Twice Before

Apparently, 5 people are stilling missing from Hurricane Irma and Maria.  Hannah Upp has went missing two other times.  In 2008 she was about to start a teaching job in New York, and never showed up.  She was spotted in different places, but 20 days later she was found face down in waters near New York City, not dead, just appearing dead.  She also went missing.  A few years later she went missing for a few days as welll.  Hannh Upp has Dissociative Fugue.  This is where she is unable to access her personal biography, essentially losing her identity and taking on a new one.  Fast Forward to last year, during the hurricane.  Friends went looking for her, knowing about her disease.  They found her undress and car keys were found; her nearby car held her passport, wallet, and phone.  There is an in depth story about Hannah below.

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