They are Selling Props From Mad Men, Inclduing this '64 Chrysler Imperial

If you loved Mad Men, then you might want to bid on an number of the over 200 items they have from the show, including Draper 64 Chrysler Imperial.  link to make your bid is at the bottom of the page.

Don & Betty's Bedroom Dresser
Duck Phillips' SCDP Office Framed Poster
Mad Men Faux Bamboo Armchair
Mad Men White Leather Office Chairs
Mad Men Outdoor Chaise Lounge
Jim Cutler's SC&P Desk
Mad Men Colorful Glass Set with Tray
Don Draper's 1964 Chrysler Imperial
Jim Cutler's SC&P Desk Chair
Offices Set Design Floorplan
Bobby Draper's Green Metal Dump Truck
Megan's Cigarette Case and Lighter

Place your bid, see the other items up for sale

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