Teen Survives 12 Hours In Los Angeles Sewage

A young Jesse Hernandez was playing with his friends when the wood covering the manhole shown above gave way, and sent Jesse 25 feet below. When the plank broke, Jesse fell and landed in fast-moving sewage. The other kids ran and told adults immediately, who, in turn called 911, starting a 12 hour search. Using cameras propped up on flotation devices, they spotted hand prints along a pipe, and rushed to open the manhole. When they opened the manhole, they heard Jesse call for help. That's when they lowered a hose down to him, and pulled him to safety. Crew members gave him the medical attention he needed. Afterwards, he asked for a phone to call his parents. According to reports, he's a little scratched up and tired, but all in all, he's ok. Read The Full Story Here

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