Man Rampages And Hits Girlfriend With Pizza

In Ohio, an young man named Kenneth Evans got a little tipsy, and decided to rampage a bit. The argument started when him and his girlfriend were driving around town. That's when he reportedly kicked and punched the car, then took his fit inside. Responding crews said they could hear the yelling and screaming as they approached the house. They say that the man tore the apartment apart, flipped the couch upside down, tossed tires into the street, smashed a mailbox, and attempted to fight one of the neighbors. After all that, he goes inside and continues to fight. That's when he smashed her in the face with a slice of Zah. Once they took him in, police say that his mood swings continued, and that the man would rock back and forth, switching between laughing and crying, and the cops had to tell him to stop "boxing" the walls. Read The Full Story Here

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