News Quickies: Former Playboy Bunny Poses At 83

Former Playboy Bunny Poses At 83

Rep Pulls Gun While Meeting With Gun-Control Advocates

Boy Who Didn't Come Back From Heaven Sues Own Publisher

Cops Claim Mice Ate Half a Ton of Marijuana

Woman Offers to Trade Her Car for Necco Wafers

Mystery Monkey Mummy Found in Ceiling of Minneapolis Building

Megachurch pastor asks congregation not to throw shade at Snoop Dogg

Man Loses Lawsuit In Which He Claimed His Boss Farted On Him

FTC Says "Warranty Void If Removed" Stickers Are Bologna

Robot Sex Doll Inventor Claims It Has Improved His Marriage

Raunchy couple caught making X-rated motions in hotel lobby during furry animal costume convention

Mexican Drug Traffickers Stuffed Mickey Mouse, Pluto With Crystallized Meth

White glamour model with size 32S boobs now identifies as 'black African woman' after tanning injection treatment

Women dig for sex toys in bizarre treasure hunt

Moose stomps man's foot in Alaska after he kicks her

Vermont bistro owner offers money for the return of cutout of himself

Man's cunning plan to win massive cruise ship ends in embarrassment

Store selling table lamp with gorilla making 'suggestive gesture'

Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner secretly reviews sausages on Instagram

Woman's Spicy Meat Feast Turns Out To Be "Sick Joke"

Urine Found In Library Soap Dispenser & Air Freshener

Kiddie Playrooms Are Now Serving Parents Booze

Woman Gets 7th DUI In 7th State After Trying To Fill Her car With Kerosene

1 Million Killer Bees Invade Texas Town

Tiger On The Loose In New York Was A Raccoon

Job Applicant Not Hired...Arrested Instead

Roofer Faces Charges After Repossessing His Work

'Stupid' Resort Visitors Pelted Gator With Carrots

Toddler Foils Gender Reveal With Plastic Sword

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