News Quickies: Surgeons pull 14 roundworms from woman's bile duct

Surgeons pull 14 roundworms from woman's bile duct

Museum Discovers Their Paintings Are Fake

Mom Feeds Kids Schlong-Shaped Pasta

This Frog Species Holds In Its Pee To Survive Winter

Lion Mauls Man Who Bottle-Fed Him as a Cub

Horrifying Find Made Behind Wall of Mall Bathroom

Woman Smashes Popeyes' Window Because $4 'Wicked Good Deal' Doesn't Come With Soda

Man Shot at Roommate Over Cat Hair on Couch

Restaurant Manager Shows Up on Customer's Doorstep at 10PM After 3-Star Yelp Review

Blockbuster Hopes Russell Crowe's Jockstrap Helps Business

Fat Women Are Taking "Better Sex" Classes Which Includes Using A Well Placed Pillow For More Intimate Lovemakinig

Fisherman Lands 58 Pound Bass In New Jersey

Man Uses Jet Ski To Put Out Boat Fire In Florida

Kansan Caught Having Sex With Tailpipe

Brawling Newlyweds Arrested Hours After Vows

Woman Suffocates After Being Buried Alive In Manure By Snake Charmer 

Airport Janitor Might Keep $325 Million IN Gold Bars Found In Trash

Man Robs Same Bank Day After Release From Prison

Saudi Arabia apologizes for showing images of scantily clad women wrestlers

Rotten fruit prompts evacuation at Australian university after gas leak fears

High-powered attorney quits law for Lego

Police look to recover $600G that fell out of Brinks truck on interstate

Girl survives 5-story fall after landing in fresh mulch

With Taj Mahal turning a bit green, Indian court gets mad

NJ creamery concocts pork roll-flavored ice cream for summer 

Splashing near mating manatees puts Florida man in hot water

Woman found to be living with dead boyfriend for months

School's 'disturbing' leaflet for teens on 'how to use and hide meth' disgusts parents

Man mauled to death by bear as he stopped to take a selfie with it

Superintendent Accused Of Pooping At School’s Athletic Fields

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