Man Takes Late Son's Girlfriend To Prom

When Carter Brown was driving home a month ago, on a Sunday to surprise his girlfriend, he died in a car wreck an hour outside his hometown.

Carter's Dad asked the school for permission and then asked his girlfriend who had said she wasn't going to go now that Carter was gone.  She said it was a yes right when he asked.  So he cleaned out his car and took her to TGI Fridays, the site of her son and her first date.

Carter's dad said he wants the best for his kids, and he looks at his sons girlfriend as a daughter.

When the father asked why he did it he said: "We have four sons, and we lost our second oldest, Christopher, seven months before we lost Carter.  Life will have all kinds of curve balls that you can't control. You have to have strength and courage to move forward. We lost two of our children. Our circumstance happened that way. You just learn to be able to go on and live for and care for everyone you still have with you."  

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