Man Uses Balloon To Make Suicide Look Like Murder

Alan J. Abrahamson

Alan J. Abrahamson

On January 25th, thanks to the help pf a neighborhood dog, police in Florida found 71 year old Alan Abrahamson dead in his neighborhood. His wife told police that he walked to Starbucks when he died, and security footage from the neighborhood cameras caught the man walking with something in his hand, and later captured the sound of a single gunshot. When police investigated the scene, they found a few clues, but no weapon. The man had his phone and wallet, but his money clip was emptied, and his wife said his watch was missing. The autopsy showed a single bullet lodged in the man's torso. Police offered a nice reward for any information, but got nowhere. When the man's wife helped unlock his phone, that's when they got their first break. While investigating, they found that the man had ordered a weather balloon and a tank of helium. Detectives had a theory that the man had tied a gun to a weather balloon and shot himself. Saying that once the shot was fired, the balloon took off with the gun, therefore carrying it away. Police researchers said they've only seen this twice. Once in New Mexico where an attempt failed when the balloon was caught on a cactus near the man who was trying to fake his suicide. The other time was on CSI: Las Vegas. When they went back to the scene to check it out some more, they found rubber bands and strings tied in knots. In the man's activity feed on his phone, they found searches on suicide and helium tanks. They finally closed the case saying it was a suicide, and said the motive for suicide was not yet clear. Read The Full Story Here

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