News Quickie Headlines: Dog Learns To Ice Skate After Almost Being Put Down

Dog Learns To Ice Skate After Almost Being Put Down

Man arrested for chasing missed flight on foot during takeoff

Woman refuses to pull over, tells trooper: ‘I drive a Prius’

College president apologizes for drinking from beer bong

A teacher forced her student into sex - and docked his grade after he refused

Mosquito Lives Inside Man's Nose For Days

Jason Voorhees Statue Found At Bottom Of Lake

Dwarf Goats Becoming LA’s Biggest Party Animals

Michigan township allows autistic boy to keep therapy ducks

'Body' turns out to be sex doll, police say

Woman attempting spicy food challenge ends up in hospital for four days bleeding from her backside

Gay penguin couple 'kidnap' baby from its parents at zoo

Facebook bans election candidate called Luc Anus from campaigning online because of name

Rare two-headed snake found in garden in Virginia

Colorado Thieves Break Into Pot Dispensary But Only Get Oregano

Chinese Resort Erects Giant Rooster Made Of Chili Peppers

Woman Crafts Wedding Dress From 40 Empty Cement Bags

Man Steals From Cars And Falls Asleep

North Carolina Woman Says Fire Ants Exploded All Over Delivering Painful Stings That Nearly Killed Her

Liquor Control Panel Says Axe-Throwing Bar Was Lax About Safety Rules

$18M Worth Of Cocaine Found In Banana Box Donated To Texas Prison

Colorado Cafe Closed Due To 'Bear Shenanigans'

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