News Quickies 10-5

Vladimir Putin Goes Bare-Chested (Again) For 2019 Calendar

Proposal on Colorado peak leads to couple's altitude issues

Jets star Isaiah Crowell wins endorsement deal after being fined by NFL for rubbing football on butt

'I'm fed up with people mocking me in the street' says dad covered head-to-toe in tattoos

Girl, 18, plunges to death from bridge 15 years after mum killed herself jumping from 100ft balcony while holding her

Mum accidentally makes 'sparkly vagina' birthday cake for six-year-old son

Pianist performs in the middle of a giant dump to highlight the need to recycle

Cat rescued from top of light pole after about 12 hours of calling for help

Cheerleader Gave Away Pot Brownies To Win Homecoming Queen Vote

Florida man insists he only drank at stop signs

Woman Dies Climbing Mt. Everest Trying To Prove That Vegans Aren’t Weak

Mysterious hole shooting out flames in Arkansas stumps officials: We've 'ruled out' Satan

Vegan Footwear Brand Selling “Lettuce Slides”

Teen Fails to Make Soccer Team, Family Sues

Real-Life “Vampire” Drinks Blood And Sleeps In A Coffin

Iguana Cuts Off Nursing Home Power

University Selling Fake Mars Dirt

Toddler Shreds $1K in Cash

Bottle Of Whiskey Sells For $1.1M At Auction

Louisiana Man Tells Cops That A Ghost Planted Meth On Him

NJ Mailman Quits And Leaves Mail On Side Of Road

Birds Tipsy On Fermented Berries Are Flying Into Cars & Windows

Mom Charged After 10 Year Old Son Gets Tattooed

American Airlines Flight Diverted After Passenger Refused To Stop Doing Pull Ups

Man Gets Felony For Biting Dog

8 Year Old Girl Finds Ancient Sword In Swedish Lake

Rock Used As Doorstop Revealed To Be Meteorite Worth $100K

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