News Quickies: Greedy pug leaves the owner with vet bill after eating stick

Greedy pug leaves the owner with $7,8000 vet bill after eating kebab stick

Couple Spends $10K Pampering Their Pet Squirrel

Judge Loses Election, Releases Young Defendants

Company Forced Workers to Eat Roaches

Parolee’s ‘fake’ yawns led Missouri cops to 514 pounds of weed in his car, police say

Pet bulldog euthanized for biting owner’s testicles off after he spread peanut butter on his crotch

Jewelers Selling Moms Necklaces Made Of Babies’ Umbilical Cords

Meet the World's Deadliest Cat

Bond between donkey, emu may make adoption difficult

Man Falls Into Trash Compactor Trying To Retrieve Phone For Friend

Researchers Warn That Self-Driving Cars Could Lead To "Mobile Brothels"

Thousands of people are falling for unofficial Coca-Cola Christmas Truck events 

The opera-singing donkey who 'found her voice'

Driver tells police they were making him late for work after mile-long pursuit

Identical twin California sisters give birth 2 hours apart

Woman claims haunted doll attacked her boyfriend after becoming possessed

Pigeon blown to pieces by ceremonial cannon as it strays through line of fire

Alaska Man Sentenced For Faking Death To Avoid Prison Term

Cops Bust Ben Dover For Trespassing 

Woman Jumps Canal To Rescue Drowning Chicken

Man Breaks Into Crocodile Enclosure...Gets Bitten

Taco Bell Throws Birthday Party For 106 Year Old Regular

Bedbugs Found In South Carolina Courthouse For 2nd Time

Restaurant Offs $100 An Hour For Puppy Petting Puptern

California Man Charged With Attempted Kidnapping After Hopping On Bus Full Of Schoolchildren

Under Armour Employees No Longer Allowed To Expense Strip Club Visits

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