Woman Arrested For Crustacean Heist At Red Lobster

Kimberly Gabel

Kimberly Gabel

In Florida, 42 year old Kimberly Gabel was at her local Red Lobster, Dunk AF Saturday. The manager had asked her to leave due to her disturbing the other patrons. According to police, she was cursing as she made her way to the front door, and as she was leaving, she shoved her hand into the lobster tank, and ran out of the building. Deputies spotted her after receiving the call, and noticed she wreaked of booze and was slurring. When questioned, she denied knowing the whereabouts of the stolen lobster. She told the cops that she was black out drunk and didn't care, because she didn't do anything wrong. She was picked up on disorderly intoxication, and later released. Her wrap sheet includes arrests for trespassing, drug possession, loitering, burglary, open container, exposure of sexual organs, violating probation, domestic battery, defrauding an innkeeper, disorderly intoxication, drunk driving, and resisting arrest. Read The Full Story Here

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