Burglars Steal Pizzas, Hot Dogs, And Human Remains

Cremation urn with wreath against white background

Cremation urn with wreath against white background

In South Carolina two roommates came home to find their front door unlocked, and some items missing. Alisha and her roomie Savannah came home early Saturday evening, and noticed their apartment had been broken into .....again. After replacing the deadbolt from a break in last year, they told the cops that they were the only two with a key to the new lock. The police said there was no signs of forced entry on the front door, and that no prints were found on the glass back door when they dusted. The girls told police that they were missing some frozen pizzas, a package of hot dogs, some make up, jewelry, and the cremated remains of Savannah's grandpa, but not the urn containing the ashes. The cops tried to talk to the neighbors for answers but nobody was home. Read The Full Story Here

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