Man Beaten Over Rejection

Rebecca Lynn Phelps

Rebecca Lynn Phelps

In Florida, 31 year old Rebecca Lynn Phelps, lives in a trailer park with her boyfriend. See, on Thanksgiving, her old man was trying to sleep off a hearty meal when Becky here came in wanting to get it on. When she came in and grabbed the man's go-go's he said "no" and went back to sleep. Some time later, she comes back in the room, and started tapping the man's leg, again wanting to bang. He pretended to be asleep in attempts to ignore his drunken girlfriend. That's when she allegedly scratched the man's eye causing it to swell and turn black & blue. She was taken in for domestic, but this isn't the first time. Back in September of 2017, she was arrested for getting pissed that a man wouldn't have sex with her, so she screamed, smacked the man, and scratched the man causing his arm to bleed. Read The Full Story Here

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