News Quickies Headlines 1-4-19

Man Assaulted Convenience Store Employee With Banana

Boy Calls 911 To Gripe About Getting Snow Pants For Christmas

3 Newly Discovered Beetles Named After ‘Game Of Thrones’ Dragons

Man's Tinder chat takes strange turn when match reveals she's in hospital having baby

Porn stars filmed having sex at crazy golf course hours before it opened to public

Man impaled on deer statue in Philadelphia traffic circle

New York boy dies after smell of cooking fish caused possible allergic reaction

Texas man allegedly shoots wife's laptop because she was playing music too loudly

Streets Near Yosemite Park Covered In Poop During Government Shutdown

Nurse Diagnoses Her Own Brain Tumor From Photo

Groom Sues ‘Friends’ After Wedding Day Hazing left him in hospital

Humans harass and attack self-driving cars

‘Pete the Groin Crusher’ has crushed 10,000 patients’ groins

Woman jailed for three years for 'sexually harassing' a monkey

Student drug dealers spared jail, grammar in text message was impressive says judge Man Used Shotgun Shell Full of Rice Krispies to Shoot Victim

Man arrested after bringing Crown Royal for the President for help finding a wife

Floridiot Who Asked Police To Test Meth Is Now A Wanted Man

Biohacker Injects Himself With DNA Sequence Made From Bible And Koran Verses

Man Who Sniffs Dirty Socks Hospitalized With Fungal Infection In Lungs

Armed Standoff Ends After SWAT Member Sings Christmas Carol

Montana Lawmaker Proposes State Rock Song

Santa On The Naughty List After Swearing At Children

Fight With Spider Sparks Police Call

Tennessee Woman Reels In 88-Pound "Monster" Catfish

Fisherman Reels In 60 Pounds Of Cocaine

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