News Quickies Headlines 1-11-19

Roommate Accused Of Stealing $10 Million Lottery Ticket

Paris’ First Nude Restaurant Closes For Lack Of Business

Someone Bought This Dead Fish For $3 Million

Man spends three hours licking a stranger's doorbell

Anchor mocked for wearing 'penis jacket'

Woman Discovers Drunk Guy Sleeping With Her 150-Pound Mastiff

McDonald's reopened days after man walks in with dead raccoon, places it on table

Swiping chicken tenders left on Alabama highway is a crime, officials say

Man trampled to death while trying to hypnotize wild elephant in Sri Lanka

Ants emit as much gas as 'cow manure lagoons'

Woman Breaks Into Jail To Meet Hot Cop

Wedding ring lost 45 years ago found in a car engine

Man horrified to discover dozens of cockroaches hiding inside his phone

School removes police officer after principal gets ticket for parking in handicapped space

Mayor takes bus to encourage public transport but arrives two hours late to work

Dildo fishing derby to return 3 years after salmon squabble

Dad creates app that locks your child’s phone until they answer your text

New Bottled Brews Delayed By Government Shutdown

Babysitter returned dead infant to mother disguised him to appear like he was sleeping

Birds Found Decorated With Christmas Trinkets Around Neck And Wings

Rare Penny Found IN Cafeteria Change Could Sell For Over $1 Million

Couple Caught Having Sex Atop A Car In Veteran's Memorial Park

Dam Building Project Breaks Guinness Record For Concrete Pouring

Teacher Accused Of Smearing Feces At Park & Disrupting Child's Birthday Party After Workplace Dispute

Man Called 911 To Complain About Hookers

Bride Breaks Down In Tears And Has Her Caterer Arrested After Cutting Into Cake And Discovering It Was Made Of Foam

Woman In Great Britain Seeking Lost Goldfish Dave

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