News Quickies 2/15: Gym Teacher Fired For Playing Video Game With Students

Gym Teacher Fired For Playing Video Game With Students

Men Who Care What Others Think Claim To Have Large Body Parts

Chimps use branches to build a ladder in daring zoo escape

Cops find secret shooting range under a manhole cover

Grocery stores in Portland run out of Kale as residents prepare for a snowstorm

Police Apologize For Using A Snake During An Interrogation

Customers Line Up At Drive-Thru While Place Is On Fire

World-record firework attempt in Colorado fails, explodes immediately after launch

Man And His Horse Are Escorted Out Of Supermarket

Another Doorbell Licker Spotted In Florida

Man's Car Stolen While He Was Asleep In The Back Seat

Man Gets Probation For Dumping Tuna

Motorcycle Passenger Spotted Shaving Legs While In Traffic

Couple Arrested For Having Sex On Sidewalk In Broad Daylight....AGAIN!!!

Potheads Find Tiger In Vacant Home

Teen Arrested For Taking Control Of Alaska Flight

Students Create Banana Piano

For $5,000 You Can Hunt Bigfoot With Jose Canseco

New Tinder-like App Helps Farmers Match Livestock For Love

Japanese women rebel against Valentine's tradition of giving male colleagues 'obligation chocolate'

‘Assman’ displays name on truck’s tailgate after license plate request denied

Mystery deepens as cops unable to ID human foot that washed up on Vancouver shore

Massive And Terrifying ‘God Emperor Trump’ Presides Over Parade In Italy

Fluffy the cat revived after being found nearly frozen to death in Montana

Woman wants to pay someone over 2k to make all her decisions for an entire month

Wife 'hacks off cheating husband's penis before cooking it in pan of noodles'

Mum horrified to discover mother-in-law changed baby's name while she was asleep

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