News Quickies 3-1: Toilet Paper Is Wiping Out Forests

Toilet Paper Is Wiping Out Forests

Five babies die as syphilis rate skyrockets

Cleaners Find House Filled With 400 Bags of Human Poo and 250 Bottles of Pee

Man's Blood Thick With Fat Clogs Hospital Filter—Twice

Groom Chokes Out Ex-Boyfriend At Wedding

Mom on 10-hour flight passes out earplugs and candy in case baby cries

The More Porn You Watch The Greater Chance You're Bi

Cereal Inspired Beer Brewed With Marshmallows

Stuntman Does Jumping Jacks On Fire At Nicolas Cage Festival

Ohio Nail Salon Owner Fights To Keep "Hand Jobs" Name

Mom Says She Needs "Vagina Designer" After Daughter Draws Crude Picture Of Her

Woman Get Plastic Surgery For Her Cat Because She Thinks It's Ugly

Woman Covers Her Face In Period Blood To Show They Are "Beautiful & Powerful"

Woman Gets Fined After Her Car Leaves A Penis Imprint In The Snow

Man Finds His Two Year Long Blocked Nose Was Caused By A Tooth Growing In His Nostril

Woman given hefty fine after her car left 'penis' imprint in the snow

Pablo Escobar's 'ghost' spotted during demolition of drug lord's Colombian mansion

Spanish artists blasted for selling 14ft statue of king for $230G on condition buyer will burn it

California man accused of DUI drove car with anti-DUI sign

Statue vandals seem to have mistaken WWII hero for Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, museum officials say

Duke, the 4-term dog mayor of Minnesota town, goes to 'doggy heaven'

Brutal message left for boss as team of fast food workers all quit at same time

California woman with surname 'Meth' sentenced for supplying meth that killed inmate

Florida woman bitten by stray kitten billed by hospital for $48G: ‘My funeral would have been cheaper’

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