Man Admits To Killing Airbnb Guest Over Unpaid Bill

A Melbourne man has been accused of choking an Airbnb guest to death over an unpaid $149 bill as the victim pleaded for his life. The man says he’s guilty of manslaughter, not murder. Jason Colton pleaded not guilty to murder in court yesterday but admitted to manslaughter in Ramis Jonuzi’s death in 2017. Jonuzi had been subletting a room in a Melbourne home from Colton, who was also a tenant. The victim first rented the room for three nights on Airbnb but agreed to stay another week for $149. However, when the week was up and the rent hadn't been paid, Colton went crazy and threw Jonuzi against a wall, choked him with his forearm and punched him unconscious. He also made the victim show him that he had no money in his bank account before choking the guy to death. Colton told police that he only wanted to subdue Jonuzi so he would pass out and didn't mean to kill him. Colton would face a possible life sentence if a jury convicts him of murder. He would face up to 20 years in prison if the jury accepts the death was manslaughter.

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