58-year-old husband threw meth and sex-fueled death party for dying wife

A 58 year old man has been arrested for Murdering his 69 year old Wife. According to authorities, he checked her out of an assisted living facility in the days leading up to her arrest. Had a party for her when they got home that consisted of sex, drugs and rock music. The man said they took the drugs, were 'rocking out' to metal band Quiet Riot and had sex in the hours before Debra died.

She apparently had a list of medical problems and stopped taking the medicine leading up to the death. After she died, he washed her and wrapped her up in a sheet like the bible says. He apparently waited hours before calling the police 'to make sure she was dead. When the police arrived the man ran out side naked saying she had died, then ran inside to take a bath to wash off little black and white things.

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