News Quickies 3/15: Dancing Camel Gains Attention On Florida Highway

Dancing Camel Gains Attention On Florida Highway

One Guy Has Gotten CVS To Change Their Hold Music

Woman Wins Lottery 30 Times In One Day

Real Estate Mogul Taunts Ex-Wife by Displaying 42-Foot-Tall Photo of New One [PIC]

'Modern-Day Jesus' Is on a Mission to Share His 'Strong Sperm'

Man Lives In An Apartment And Gets $38 Million Electric Bill

Man gets a deadly infection in the skull after cleaning ears with a cotton swab

Police Arrested A Man Named Sober For Being Not Sober

Dad Gets Pranked On Birthday When Sons Put His Phone Number On Billboard

Bavarian town that accidentally ordered 12-year supply of toilet paper flushes last roll

Nebraska trooper stunned to 'pull over' car made of snow

Woman Almost Dies From Stroke Triggered By Oral Sex

Woman gets face tattoo to force herself to get dream job and follow her dreams

Australian man blocks bow and arrow attack with his phone

Ikea have created their own version of the Kama Sutra for 'bedroom satisfaction'

OKC Firefighters Rush To Rescue Baby......Doll

Fight Over Brownie Leaves 14-Year-Old Dead

Court Says Middle Finger Is Protected By The Constitution

Man Arrested For Allegedly Trowing Away 8 Puppies In A Garbage Bag

Man Goes On Beer Only Diet For Lent

Crematorium Goes Up In Flames...Bodies Survive

Woman Hits Police Officer With A Door & Bent Another's Thumb Back During Arrest

Jersey Police Shoot "Highly Aggressive" Bull After Attacking Owner

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