Gives Birth to Twins from Different Dads After She Cheats on Her Husband

A woman in China who recently gave birth to twin boys. And her husband thought one of them looked a lot like him but one of them looked really different. So he did a DNA test, and he found out he was the father of one of the twins but not the other. That's when he confronted his wife about it and she admitted she'd had an affair. And yes, this is all possible. It's a rare medical phenomenon called heteropaternal superfecundation, where a woman releases two eggs at the same time, and sperm from one man fertilizes one while sperm from a different man fertilizes the other. Scientists say the odds of it happening are extremely low. In fact, one study found it happens in less than 3% of paternity suits involving twins. Needless to say, this guy in China isn't happy he beat those odds and apparently, he says he only wants to raise his child, not the other one.

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