Suspect Denies Owning The Socks On His Feet

Damien Clark

Damien Clark

IN Ohio, 20 year old Damien Clark was pulled over around 3 am for not using a turn signal. When cops approached the car, the smelled some dank weed coming from the vehicle,a nd spotted some loose ganj on the floorboard. While searching the man, they found a bag of coke in his left sock, as to which he told them, "these aren't my socks". Upon further searching, they found some 59 Xanax bars, and even more coke. He continued throughout the search to asked the cops to throw the evidence away, and that somebody gave him the pills to hold. The also took $761 and his iPhone. While in the back of the squad car, Damien kept barfing, but said he was just nervous, and didn't swallow any drugs. Read The Full Story Here

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