Cashier Choked Over Bagging Technique

Bradley A. Bower

In Pennsylvania, a 55 year old Bradley Bower was having in his words..."a bad day". This happened back in February when B-Rad here and his old lady went to the store the night before the Super Bowl for some game time snacks. When they got to the check out line, a young employee named Neil started to bag up their groceries. B. here wasn't to happy with the way that Neil was sacking up his stuff, and had asked the kid to not throw his groceries around. He told police that he had bought several bags of chips, and that Neil was putting the chips in with the can goods, and didn't want them to get all smashed up. Neil told the cops, when Bradley was paying for the groceries, he asked if Neil had a problem with him, because he had a problem with Neil. Thinking the dude was joking, Neil simply responded with..."do you?" That's when Brad wrapped his giant man hands around the employees neck and throat, and pushed him against the register, saying "you idiot". When police arrived, Bradley admitted to the crime, and was taken in, telling cops that he was having a bad day, and the chips just pushed him over the edge. Read The Full Story Here

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