Acting Student Stabs His Friend While Doing a Scene from A Movie



An acting student at the University of Hartford was doing a scene from the 2004 Ashton Kutcher movie, "The Butterfly Effect". The scene involved him pretending to stab another actor. However, he took the role a bit too seriously and actually stabbed his partner for real. He reportedly attacked both of them with a "prop" knife. But if it really was a prop, it must have been sharp enough to do some real damage. He stabbed one of them twice, and the other guy five times, including four times in the back. They both survived, but one was in critical condition and had to have surgery. It's not clear if the student did it on purpose or just got way too into the scene but he ran off and hid in the woods, then got arrested about two hours later. He's facing two counts of assault, and criminal attempt to commit murder.

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