Two Hillbillies Take Turns Shooting Each Other

Charles Ferris & Christopher Hicks

In Arkansas, two drunk hillbillies made a bad decision. This past Sunday, Charlie Ferris and his friend Chris Hicks were getting lit on Charlie's back deck. Charlie was wearing a bulletproof vest, when he asked Chris to test it. Being the good friend he is, Chris fired a .22 round into the chest of his buddy. The vest worked and stopped the bullet, but it left a nasty bruise. Now it's Chris' turn to test the vest. According to cops, Charlie admitted to getting pissed, and unloaded the clip into his friend's back. None of the five round penetrated the vest, but again, left nasty bruises on the man. Later when Charlie went to the hospital for treatment, the staff called the police. When being questioned, Charlie told them that he was under fire from a mystery assailant while he was protecting an individual he referred to as an "asset". he said he was paid $200 to protect the "asset" whom he met in a bar in Springdale. Later on, his wife told the cops what really happened, that's when he admitted to making it all up. Both men were taken in on aggravated assault charges. Read The Full Story Here

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