Woman Fakes Cancer To Save Her Marriage

A North Carolina woman admitted she faked having cancer and even launched a campaign for donations for medical bills that didn't exist, so she could save her marriage. The woman said she told her husband she had chronic lymphocytic leukemia so he would stay in their crumbling marriage. She claims that she was just so terrified of him leaving. She even got her mom to launch a Facebook page called “Amy’s Promise” about her fake illness, then solicited cash for her treatment. The Randolph County Sheriff’s Office said it received a tip last month that the woman was a total fake and investigators soon realized the truth. Investigators also found out that she sold T-shirts by advertising that the profits went toward medical bills. The mom has pledged to return money to all who donated to her bogus fundraisers and the woman faces several charges, including obtaining property by false pretense. Her bond was set at $2,000.

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