News Quickies 4/19: Man Swings Iguana At Restaurant Owner, Gets Arrested

Man Swings Iguana At Restaurant Owner, Gets Arrested

Couple Delivers Cookies to Striking Workers That Are Filled with Laxatives

Proposed sugar label could save $ 31B in health care costs

Teen charged with battery after attempting 'RKO' wrestling move on principal

A Runaway Moose Leads the Police to a Stolen Car

Breast Milk For Adults Is The New Cash Cow

A Couple Is Busted for Getting-It-On in a Kiddie Pool While Kids Were Swimming

Men With Beards Have More Germs Than Dogs

Substitute Teacher Fired After Bullets Fall Out Of Pockets In Pre-K Class

Hungry And Horny Alligators Are Invading Streets, Homes And Pools In Florida

You can apparently tell if a man will cheat on you based on his face

Couple decide to take DNA test for fun - but it doesn't end well for them

Zombie-movie actor allegedly beat 2 women, made one taste his blood

An Australian man trades two cases of beer to save a ‘unicorn’ sheep

California high school's senior 'prank' reportedly involved letter mandating genital inspection

10 Connecticut High School Students Arrested For Out-Of-Control Food Fight

Japanese Science Professor Taught Students How To Make Ecstasy

Colorado City Votes To Rename "Swastika Acres" Neighborhood

It's Prison For Man Who Fired .357 At Fireflies

80 Year Old Man Beats Of Alligator In His Back Yard

Woman Trashed Burger Joint Over Lack Of Chocolate Ice Cream

Connecticut Man Crashes Vehicle Into Strangers Yard And Wanders In Naked

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