Colorado TV Tech Bear Hugs Customer

David Novinski

David Novinski

In Denver, a 70 former sheriffs deputy just wanted a little Dish Network, but ended up getting more. As contractor David Novinski finished his work, Former deputy Karen Loest was showing him out the door, and as he was leaving, he turned and gave her what she describes as a "bear hug", by pinning her arms and chest painfully. The woman said she felt that she might be raped, and that she pushed the man away and told him to leave. The man left and apologized, but the woman still called the man's boss, and is pressing charges. Dave is being charged with trespassing and causing bodily injury to an at risk adult. His lawyer says that he often hugs people and that he gave her a three second hug before leaving. He says that she didn't mention being injured to the boss and that they plan of fighting the charges. Read The Full Story Here

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