News Quickies Headlines 5-10-19

Prague Zoo’s New Exhibit Takes A Closer Look At Poop

Toll Evader Named Stiff Ordered To Pay $128K In Tolls, Fines

Accused Bank Robber Turned Oblivious Dad Into Getaway Driver

Rangers Find 3-Eyed Snake In Australian Outback

Man, 32, rushed to hospital after 'he shoots his own penis

Instagram couple slammed for 'risking their lives' to take kissing photo

Sheep enrolled at school in France as students to save classes

Woman Finds Giant Python Under Her Bed

Alligator attempts to 'ring' doorbell as shocked owner looks on

Tinder swipers get matching tattoos before their first date

Woman Gave Boyfriend Drano to Induce 'Eternal Sleep'

Beautiful People Dating App Has Some Flaws

Woman Finds Message In A Bottle Written Day Before 9/11

A Man Is Arrested for Making a Homemade Dog Poop Bomb to Get Revenge

A Woman removed from flight after allegedly refusing to watch a safety video

University Runner Impales Himself on Javelin

Woman Stashes Seven Syringes In Her Minge

Teen Breaks Up With Girlfriend The Immediately Posts Ex's Nudies On Instagram

Chef Stopped At Airport With 40 Frozen Piranhas

Doctor Finds Spider Building A Nest Inside Man's Ear

Man Hides 24" Machete In Fat Roll

Kentucky Derby Winner's Poop On Sale For $200

Couple Caught Having Sex IN Front Of Police Station

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