Pet raccoon euthanized after attacking 6-year-old

A father of a 6-year-old girl that got attached by a raccoon said "It was acting funny running in circles and falling down, dripping from his nose, These people come over screaming it's their pet. They slide the door open, my daughter's screaming and crying — her leg's bleeding. The raccoon is on the steps, trying to chase them in the house. It ripped my son’s pants." The owner of the raccoon (named bandit) said "I love my raccoon and I don't want nothing to happen to it, My granddaughter — he sleeps with the grandbabies when they come over. He's a pet. I will cough up a loogie and he will eat it from my mouth. I'm his mother." The father however didnt care, he said "Do I want a little raccoon to die? No I don't. This thing looks sick, My kid's life is more important than some wild animal. I'm sorry. It is." The child was checked for rabies and Bandit was euthanized.

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